Professional Training

At Left Logic, we know that many large organisations have in-house development teams. Sometimes it makes more sense to up-skill your own people rather than hiring agencies to develop for you.

Left Logic has packaged some of our expertise. We now offer specific training workshops to in-house teams wishing to brush up on their development skills, from latest HTML5 technology, mobile development and browser developer tools.

Left Logic also offers a tailored consultancy service. Contact us for more information.


Comments from workshop delegates

"I thought content level was pitched just right. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A great day."

- George Hedges, Sussex Downs College

"Remy is a rare type - a developer who understand designers and has a passion for how things look. He presented some complex but elegant jQuery concepts in a straightforward way."

- Andy Birchwood

Work With Us

Regardless of whether your project is big or small, if there's clever functionality using JavaScript in a browser or the server, drop us a line to hire us.

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