Mobile Web Apps

Building rich interactive web sites... dare I say web apps - is a reality with the smart phone browsers shipping with all the latest JavaScript and CSS technologies.

This day long workshop will be a mix of introducing the latest technology & tricks on the mobile device and hands on practical exercises where you'll get to play with what you're learning.

Although this workshop will have an iOS focus, a lot of the technology we will look at applies to most new WebKit based devices (Android, Playbook, etc) and smartphones running Opera Mobile.

"Remy's HTML5 for mobile workshop showed me how to do at least three things I'd previously thought were impossible."

- James O'Brien

"Truly inspiring day spent with Remy on mobile stuff, time to get stuck in. Anyone got and mobile dev they need doing ;)"

- Pete Hotchkin

What you'll learn

  • How to take advantage of unique properties of the mobile device, using some of the latest technologies
  • Handling and working with touch and other mobile specific events
  • Debugging approach: going way, way beyond the bad old alert
  • Working offline: storing application assets and all it's data locally to the device
  • Looking at framework and libraries to speed up development and time to release
  • Deployment optimisations: getting your mobile app to your user real quick


  • Bring your mobile device, preferably an iPhone or iPad with the latest OS
  • A little knowledge of CSS and JavaScript will help
  • Google Chrome or Safari
  • Node installed (make sure it's a recent version)

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