Why Your Boss Should Send You to the Node Workshop

The web used to be static. Single page, click, reload. Then came Ajax and we embraced it. The web was now dynamic. We've moved on. Our expectations are higher, we want information in an instant. The web has moved on to real-time.

Adding real-time to your application either requires insane talent that understands Comet... or you look at how Node.js and native HTML5 browser technology can do this for you.

Making use of WebSockets is easy enough, but without the server technology you have nothing.

This workshop, along with covering the fundamentals of how Node works and how web servers work, walks through how simple it is to use Node to create real-time servers.

Is Node too new?

Is Node too new for your company? Well, Microsoft, Ebay, Linked and Yahoo! to name a few, are all using Node in production. It's cross platform, so that means is the same code and development experience whether you prefer to code on Windows on a Mac or on a Linux flavoured machine.

This workshop will give you the tools you need to add real-time services to your application from day one.


Here's what past attendees have said about the workshop:

"Great and hard workshop of #nodejs with @rem in #ffconf I'm happy with all I've learnt and ready to fix my #websocket server."

- Leandro Lopez

"Awesome Node.js workshop in Nottingham today with @peteduncanson + others, provided by @rem - great to meet everyone, learnt loads #nodejs"

- @pinksy

"Thanks @rem and @julieanne for a gosh darn brilliant day of Node in Nottingham. Easily worth 5 hours of driving :)"

- Ed van Beinum

"Today's workshop was excellent, it's got me really excited about JavaScript again."

- Matt Smith

"Get from dev zero to node hero with a workshop by Remy. More learning in two days than you thought you could take (and still remember it!)"

- Leigh Garland

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